A message from our Founder

It is true that Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are not yet recognised by governments worldwide but we are watching the growth of the bitcoin market and the public seem to be the ones making the decision to move forward. Reflecting on its exponential growth since its inception into the market.

We must however be cautious when a a crypto currency experiences such growth and therefore its always advisable not to “put all your eggs in one basket”. Perhaps bitcoin will become a secondary currency in the future which will simply aid us in buying online. Its unlikely that bitcoin will become a recognised currency but we hope that one day it will become regulated so that people will have some security when they buy and use bitcoins.

I have created Sure Bitcoin with a focus on customer services and we seek to know what you want out of this site. Therefore all suggestions are welcome whether good or bad we will consider them all.

As we move into a new beginning for crypto currencies the future is bright and exciting and one thing is for sure, if we keep going in this direction we could see the dawn of a new and inspiring culture of bitcoin millionaires and perhaps billionaires.

Let us hope they do not become greedy and lose touch with the human race. After all we are all on this planet together so we should try to make it a better place for each other because in turn it will be a better place for ourselves.

One good deed deserves another.

Yours sincerely
James Pala