Sure Bitcoin provides Bitcoin and other virtual currency trading services with special focus on offering the best service level at the most competitive rates on the market. We help you to manage your virtual currency wallet online and our rates of 0.5% per trade are extermely competitive.

It is important to complete all the registration forms as detailed as possible to ensure your account is authorised for trading. We take pride in our anti money laundering policies and urge you not to trade with us if you are in any way connected or involved with money laundering.

Development News

Will Bitcoin Replace Cash?
Posted on September 30, 2014.

The Bitcoin community is growing each and every day. As a new member joins the digital currency world, the question ‘will bitcoin ever replace cash’ is burning at the back of our minds. To even consider if Bitcoin will replace cash in the foreseeable future we must understand the basics of how the currency works. […]

How to Successfully Send Bitcoins to Another Bitcoin Wallet
Posted on July 3, 2014.

Bitcoin use a peer-to-peer payment system which are created as a Bitcoin miner records and verifies each payment for a transaction fee. Therefore to make use of your bitcoins in order to buy a product or service, you will need to send your bitcoins somewhere else to make the payment. Alternatively you can transfer your […]

A Message from our Founder

As we move into a new beginning for crypto currencies the future is bright and exciting and one thing is for sure, if we keep going in this direction we could see the dawn of a new and inspiring culture of bitcoin millionaires and perhaps billionaires. Let us hope they do not become greedy and lose touch with the human race. After all we are all on this planet together so we should try to make it a better place for each other because in turn it will be a better place for ourselves.

One good deed, deserves another.

Founder & Managing Director, Sure Bitcoin