About Sure Bitcoin

Sure Bitcoin provides Bitcoin and other virtual currency trading services with special focus on offering the best service level at the most competitive rates on the market. We help you to manage your virtual currency wallet online and our rates of 0.5% per trade are extremely competitive.

Sure Bitcoin is part of Sure Holdings Ltd. The profits for this venture will be used to further enhance the Sure Bitcoin business and website to ensure you have the best bitcoin trading experience and also used to build schools and hospitals for brain injured children. Our goal is to begin building schools for brain injured children around South East Asia and continue to grow across the world.  

It is important to complete all our registration forms as detailed as possible to ensure your account is authorised for trading. We take pride in our anti money laundering policies and urge you not to trade with us if you are in any way connected or involved with money laundering. Your account may be suspended should you be trading un-ethically or for money laundering purposes.

  • Remember Bitcoin and all virtual currencies are not regulated currencies.
  • Virtual currencies are not physical cash or real money. At least not yet until a government recognises them as a tradeable currency.
  • Buying Bitcoins and other virtual currencies for speculation should be regarded as a high risk investment. Please ensure you trade bitcoins and understand the risks involved with market price fluctuations.
  • Only trade virtual currencies that you can afford to mitigate your risk.

1. If you ever have a question don’t hesitate to ask us.
2. Please bear with us if we don’t respond immediately, we may be experiencing excessive traffic.

Thank you and good luck with your trading.